Beautiful and Desired. When was the last time you felt like that?

Certainly there are many women who have issues about their personal appearance. However, only few of them know how self-esteem is related to the concept of beauty. In my experience as a Boudoir Photographer, which is in fact a therapy for self-love and self-improvement, I learned that feminine beauty is not synonymous with a beautiful body, a beautiful face.

The beauty of a woman is closely related to the way she feels in her own body, the way she looks, the relationship she has with herself and with her body. In fact, beauty is awareness of yourself as you are, of your worth and power. This has a double effect. Radiate that energy to others and enhance your other qualities. Charisma, self-esteem, femininity and self-confidence have nothing to do with sculpted legs, flat bellies or wrinkle-free faces, because beauty is a set of factors that go beyond the limits of the body. . I am not saying that taking care of your body is wrong, in fact it is also a beautiful gesture of love for yourself. However, if this gesture is not accompanied by the awareness that, in addition to appearance, there is an essence that contains many other factors, you run the risk of making your happiness, your well-being and your female self-esteem depend on the judgment of the outside world and thanks that stem from it.

But let's go.

What is self-esteem? We hear this term very often. It repeats itself like a mantra and sometimes we don't give it the attention we should. Self-esteem means loving yourself, and it is a very important intention since it means "I wish you wellness". So self-esteem means wanting your own good. When a person wants his own good, it means that he loves himself to the point of accepting and accepting any aspect of himself, respecting his own needs, limits and desires. It is essential to take responsibility for yourself, your life and your inner world, to realize that each of us is at the center of our own world. Everything we see, hear and perceive is nothing more than the manifestation of how we all see, feel and perceive ourselves.

Your reality, your choices and relationships are nothing but the expression of you and the relationship you have with yourself. What the people around you think of you is then a reflection of what you think of yourself. If you feel and look ugly, you will probably meet people who confirm your feelings and your vision, perhaps making you weigh your faults and making you feel inferior compared to other women. Of course it takes training to leave negative thoughts behind. Due to my work, I have been able to help many women to strengthen their self-confidence; while allowing them to behave in their social context in such a way that they are perceived as beautiful in the eyes of those around them. You have the power to control that perception to feel BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL and DESIRED, but it all starts with your action. One of my clients explain her experience in short video. Would you like to see it?



Let's get in


I'm Edwina Sefeti and I work with Heredia Roses as SESSION COORDINATOR since he is in Fiji. Drop me an email! I will send you everything you need to know.

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