Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where the session take place? A: Heredia Roses makes Tours in different cities so if you are interested in a Boudoir Session with Heredia Roses you need to check the schedule for Comings Tours. You can check it here:

Q: How can I book a session?

A: Through the website online or contacting Session Manager. Contact Information: whatsapp/viber: +697 7149822 email: Q: Can I bring somebody else to my session? A: Yes! But not your partner and only one person you feel comfortable with. Q: Will my pictures be posted? A: Absolutely not! Unless you sign up a written permission for it your Boudoir Pictures are strictly for your own enjoyment. All the pictures you see in Heredia Roses'es platforms are Brand Ambassadors or Clients with written authorization.

Q: There is a way to make it cheaper? A: Yes! You can apply for Brand Ambassador Program and represent our business. Check Brand Ambassador Information:

Q: Do I have to get naked? A: No! We can go as extreme as you want but is not mandatory. As long as you feel comfortable and sexy.

Q: Can I do my on make up?

A: No! For Heredia Roses the quality and the beauty of the resulting pictures are his responsibility so he prefers to provide it.

Q: Outfits are provided?

A: We have some outfits and props but you should bring your own. Some times we have agreements with local lingerie boutiques and we include credit for your Brand New lingerie shop.

Q: Why the pictures are not included in the initial price and needs to be purchased separately?

A: Flexibility for the client. Not all the clients want the same amount of pictures and in the same way. Pictures can be Digital Copy, Printed Copy, Albums, Posters, etc... every porpoise need a different edition and post-possessing. So is better to leave the decision up to the client.

Q: I have never being in front of a professional Photographer. I don't know how to pose.

A: You don't need to know. Heredia Roses is skilled working with real life women. Couching actions and directions is FUN and Heredia Roses is going to direct every details.

Q: How do I get he pictures? A: Pictures are purchased separately and are not included in the session fee. In less than one week after the session your pictures will be available in the online "Clients Gallery" here you can choose those that you like the most and specify if you want them printed or digital. This "Client Gallery" is password protected so only you can access to it. The gallery is available only for 2 weeks (Purchase Time) and this is the time you have to make your purchase. After the "Purchase Time" finished the pictures are removed from the Gallery close and pictures deleted from the server. However we keep an off-line backup in case you want to reopen your Gallery. Reopen your gallery is chargeable.


Let's get in


I'm Edwina Sefeti and I work with Heredia Roses as SESSION COORDINATOR since he is in Fiji. Drop me an email! I will send you everything you need to know.

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